Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh, 9th Day, I loathe you

Today has been a day that I would have rather left in bed when I woke up this morning. ARGH! I got a flat tire, broke a bolt changing the tire because the place that put on the tire put the lug nut on at an angle, which means it wasn't coming off peacefully any how. I went and got a quote from a place and for a tire and the bolt it's going to cost me almost $200. HELLO! Poor college grad here. I can't even pay student loans. *HUFF* In case you haven't guessed yet that means, once again, no Poe house visit tomorrow. This is two weekends in a row. I'm feeling a conspiracy here. And I don't appreciate it. So other than spending my one day off a week running around getting my car fixed, I think I will try and focus on some positive. WHOOSAH!!!!

Ok, so in an up mood, kitty is eating again! YAY! I went to the vet and got his pain meds this morn and when I came home from work he was in such a good mood! Either that or he could sense my distress. Whatever it be, he was extremely lovey and has been eating on and off all night. I'm so happy!! I was getting worried again about him not eating. It's amazing the difference I've seen in him tonight. :D

OH! And I came across these a week ago or so and decided I HAVE to have them!

Yep. That's right. THOSE ARE PUMPKIN BLOOMERS!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?! You can find them here. Unfortunately, as you have been reading, money is not in the pocket right now, so like all good crafters, I plan on making my own pair. That is my task for tomorrow. I have some scrap blue jersey fabric that I will use as a practice run since I fail at making pants (God I hate making pants!). If I succeed at the mark up pair then I will search the high seas for orange jersey, which of course will be followed by black for a skeleton pair (mais oui!). It's only natural in my opinion. I also think a nice green franky pair would be awesome. Who knows, I have to get past the original mark up. I'm having trouble about what face to put on the blue ones. It's a nice light blue. Maybe I'll do a winter theme. I found a few tutorials online that are kind of helpful for making your own bloomers. I just hate making patterns for myself. I can draw up a pattern for someone else in no time flat. For me, it's a terrible process that requires me measuring and I hate measuring. I mean, who doesn't. Blah. In case your wondering I'm a rather attractive figure... in my head. On the outside I tend to be quite square or rectangle like.... So goal tomorrow, make bloomers and maybe even another witch hat. Sewing always eases my whaos.

So my loves, I will leave you with this. Damh the Bard's Samhain Eve. He's one of my favorite Pagan artists and he's coming the Michigan for Beltaine!! I've already decided my new second job is going to fund my trip up there to see him perform. I know it's a good 17 hour drive from Virginia but he's from the UK and I don't know the next I will be flying over there to see the grands. Plus, who doesn't love a good road trip to a 4 day pagan festival? Enjoy Loves! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Those bloomers are ADORABLE! I think I'll have to make myself a pair as well... I like making pants. ;) I HATE making tops.