Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you know a good organ harvester?

No, seriously? Know anyone who could use a spare kidney? Mine is about to get ripped out if it doesn't get it's act together. Apparently I have ANOTHER kidney stone.... or it's the same one from last weekend. I'm not sure. I've had about 4 or 5 of them so far since last November. It's insane. I've never had them before in my life! Why body?! Why!? Hopefully I can get some health insurance quickly with this new job or my dad can possibly help cover me on his plan until then. Ugh. Hopefully it won't stay too long. On the full moon last night I bought 3 massive pumpkins! When I say massive, I mean I could fit a small child inside of them!
See look. Definitely small child worthy. I put a square pot holder next to them for size. :) I'm so excited. If I'm up to it and my kidney starts to act like it has some sense I shall carve one tonight with me mum. It's a tradition. And maybe even the step dad will take part. I know yall don't know much about my step father, but just know we shared a conversation last night for the first time in a very, very, very long time. Maybe my autumn moon and Mabon wishes are actually working. I shall have to partake in more full moon rituals. (kind of like I should have last night, but the kidney and I were having a fight.) I got an amazing spell written for me by a friend, Andréann, that I can't wait to try out for mending/fixing the heart/self. I will give it a go tonight, body permitting.
Onto a non-kideny topic. I'm in a Halloween swap on the best website ever, craftster, and I wanted to share a few things I made for my partner. I know you all have seen Dracula, from earlier this month, that was one of the first things I made for her. Here a few others I'm rather proud of. Sue, if you read this, you should probably advert your eyes!

Please meet Dracula's BFF! The mummy! Not too shabby right? He's made the same way as Dracula and then just wrapped in white felt strips. Ok, so, I'm not a felt master, or a stuffie master at all, but I still think he's rather cute. Next are some of the other things I've made.

That's all I have for now. There were a few other things I included but these are the things I'm more so proud of. The others are ok, but not brag worthy. Well, I'm going to give work a call and wait for me mum. She's going to take me to the doctor. Somebody hope they don't treat me like last time. You would be surprised at how much of a second rate citizen you are considered without insurance. Blah. See yall later!


  1. First, that mummy is just the cutest, and love the pumpkins. I grew giant pumpkins this year, they were looking good, then these weird az bugs got them, I am gonna have to rethink the organic part if I want to try again next year.

    Second, sympathies on the stone, been there done that. Had one get stuck, emergency surgery, they still had problems getting it out, reaction to stent, 5 days in hospital on pain pump and a second surgery. Not fun, hoping they stay small and keep passing. Best of luck.

  2. Thankfully I've never had kidney stones. My mother had once, and she told it was very, very painful.
    They say that kidney stones are "suppressed anger" and that it might help to work with "forgiveness"... I don't have a clue whether this would be of any help to you or not.
    I didn't grow any pumpkins, but I saw some at the store last Friday and my inner kid lit up like fireworks and has been dancing and singing "pumpkins" ever since. Or making The Animal impersonation "pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin!!!" :-D
    Pumpkins are amazing, lovely, wonderful things :-) And all the good things one can make with them... mmmmm.... :-)

  3. Thanks you guys for the sympoathies. And who know Ketutar, maybe I need to give the anger and forgiveness a try. It has been a rough year. And Moonbeam I'm sorry to hear about thw rough time you had with your stone. I hope mine never get that bad. eek!