Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Witch Hat Wednesday!

Today was a very productive Wednesday!! I found tulle laying around to decorate an old witch hat from two weeks ago and I drafted my own pattern for a smaller Victorian witch hat. Both are pretty epic.

First up, in case you don't remember I made this hat randomly on a Thursday and it was missing something. I finally found some awesome pink tulle I had bought ages ago to make a rainbow tutu. Unfortunately, the tutu never got made (I do that a lot, huh?), so I have a load of tulle stashed away I had forgot all about until tonight. So, now without further ado, I present Blink!
That's right it's blue and pink therefore making the most amazing color ever, Blink! Oh, and pay no mind to the fact that I take my pictures on my dishwasher. Here's the back.
Next, I am really really proud of this. I drafted the pattern in about 30 minutes or so and sewed the hat in another 30. So in one hour I had an amazing Victorian-style Witch Hat. I had seen some amazing ones online, but I'm too cheap to buy one. So I thought, why not make one! Genius right? So may I present, Vikki's Secret.

I absolutely love it. I don't know if you can see the little black slots on the first picture of it. Those are for bobby pins to fasten it to your head. I'm not very good with those. But they aren't too bad for the moment. Here it is next to Dreams of Eire for size comparison. It's so tiny and cute.
All in all, it's maybe my favorite witch hat I've made. Expect more of these to come! :D I feel like I need to make a dress or something to wear for it. Future Halloween outfit? Perhaps.

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