Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkin patch.... on my feet?!

So, today was a very long day.... No, seriously... VERY VERY LONG! Lets just say I love the taste of CPR and First Aid Training in the morning (please read that with EXTREME sarcasm). And straight from that I had to go to work. That part wasn't to shabby. The kid I work with and I had a lovely little picnic outside. I got to lay back for about an hour while he ate and diddle daddled and breath in the chill of October while looking up at the pines. Best hour ever. And while I came home and crafted (while rocking out to Nightmare Revisited of course! "And I Jack, THE PUMPKIN KING!") I have nothing completed to show you as of yet. Just know I have mini chocolate sugar skulls in the work, a few things pertaining to Poe, a few B-Horror Movies, and more s'mores! So I promise updates on them later this week. So as a consolation prize I present to you a little something I managed to finish last week in the spirit of the coming Halloween season.

Why, what is that, you ask? To which I respond most excitedly, That is my pumpkin patch! The best thing about the October for me is the Pumpkins! I actually hate pumpkins in all edible senses, however I love the way the look! Don't ask, I'm strange. Just know that they have a big spot light on the seasons festivities for my house. I've been dying for a pair of bare feet sandals for some time now. So last week I got up the nerve and decided to bead me a pair. I found a tutorial somewhere on the interwebs but they had flowers in theirs. I decided I'm not a flower type of girl... I mean it's FALL for crying out loud!! And some how it dawned on me. PUMPKINS! And thus, the Pumpkin Patch was born.

For the love of all things divine, please pay no mind to my tired dogs. Years of playing sports has caused them to look most unattractive. lol. And you may have also noticed that I'm only modeling one foot. Well that's because I only beaded one of them. So I guess technically I have one bare feet sandal. >_<

I hope your second day was a bit better than mine! I'll see you tomorrow! Mom and I are going to Poe's house tomorrow in Richmond. I love terribly short road trips!! Wish us luck!

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  1. Those are so cute! I will have to bead me up a pair one of these days.