Friday, October 1, 2010

Creepy Freaky Friday- Ode to the Night Walkers

It is October 1st!!!!!!!!!! Let Halloween BEGIN! There is so much to do this month! And I think I will enjoy every minute of it. muhahahaha! I have decided to make every Friday this month a Creepy Freaky Friday. Meaning that I will post some kind of Halloween inspired whatnot that I am up to . Today, I have someone I would like to introduce.

Meet Dracula! Pasty white from his centuries of life he has come to visit in order to disprove the myth. No, unfortunately, contrary to popular belief he is unable to turn into a bat and fly away. His once beating heart, now possibly black hole abyss, is saddened as well by new myth and popularity. FOR THE LOVE OF SIX YEAR OLD SALLY HE DOES NOT SPARKLE! Ask him to step into the sun and glisten and it may just be the last thing you say. However, you could try and starting counting numbers and he may be inclined to continue while you make a speedy escape. One, two, three ah ah ah!

Dracula, or shall we call him Vlad, was born sometime in 1431 as a human child. If you are a history nerd such as I, or happened to obtain a freaky reputation in high school for doing a research project on Dracula and his human life , then you know the story of the vampire is based of a real life man. His name was Vlad Dracul III, also known as Vlad the Impaler, and he was from, you guessed it, Transylvania and he ruled over a place called Wallachia. He was one of the most fearsome tyrants you will ever meet. I like to consider him a bloodier and earlier Hitler. He was, for lack of a better term, a serial killer with a throne. There is much more history I could give I but I won't. There are biographies all over the Internet. All you have to do is google. Just know that you won't like what you find.

But this post is not an ode to Vlad, that wretched man! No, this post is an ode to Vampire fiction. It's an ode to Boris Karloff, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, and Stephenie Meyer for bringing us Vampires to love throughout the ages and even well into our futures! CHEERS TO THEM!! And what better way to say cheers than with a S'more. Yes, you know that ten year old inside you is already sqeeing with extreme excitement. Mine is!

mmmmm, Bat-tastic! The graham crackers and the marshmallows are all homemade from scratch. The chocolate is store bought..... what? I'm not a miracle worker ya know! The graham cracker recipe is from Smitten Kitchen and is the best I have tasted so far! Even the dough is amazing with out baking (ssshhhh, I swear I didn't eat too much of it XP ). And the marshmallows are from Alton Brown (I heart that man!)

I tried turning the marshmallows a nice Halloween orange but I added the color too soon to the mixture. Therefore I added colored sugar on top to add a little shabang to it. Mind the already melted chocolate, the kitchen was a little hot. I love making homemade marshmallows. It's really easy and they taste so much better than store bought. At Christmas/Yule I make candy cane flavored ones. They are always a big hit.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, melted half eaten goodness. Trust me, it was hard to set this down to take the picture not to mention I got ooey gooey yum yum on my camera. But the best foods are the ones that you end up wearing aren't they?

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF HALLOWEEN!!!! I hope yours was as yummy and productive as mine!!

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  1. You had me up until Stephanie Meyer, lol! I still love you and Dracula and other assorted non sparkly vampires though. ;)

    The bat s'more is brilliant. I love it so much.