Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday is happieness in a heart shaped bottle

No seriously, it really is. At least for the time being while I don't have either job to go to. That will change in the coming weeks. *sigh* But for the time being it's nice and I'm enjoying it. Today was rather productive. I managed to do a hard core blessing/cleansing/banishing what ever you prefer to call it. I actually have a spell for each that I do, because Thrice is nice. lol We've had some strange things going on this year and I've neglected my cleansings. So today I did my banishing spell to get rid of the negative forces that have been lingering around, then I cleansed and blessed the house with a smudging inside and did some protection work on the outside to seal everything together. I can already feel the air in the house lifting. This is the second time this month I did a smudging. Apparently the first time wasn't as effective as it needed to be. Strange moment of the day? My mom had some friends come by to check out her car since it wasn't working. And their car ended up dying in front of our house. So after I heard this I decided it was time to get the ball rolling. I started my ritual/spell work while they were outside. As soon as the tow truck got here for their car the car started right up with no problem! I like to think I had a little witchy something to do with it. ;) No promises though. Could just be my ego. lol

On another note, the kidney stone has subsided greatly. Hopefully it stays away. I'm aiming to set up a permanent healing altar, much like the ancestor altar. I'll work on that soon. I want to do a little more research on the art of healing first. I wish there were people around where I live that could give me a helping hand with teaching and learning these things. There might be I just need to socialize more and look harder.

I also started some candy for my friends for Halloween. We are all donning witch attire and taking my niece trick or treating. I've decided to sit out on the local Samhain ritual this year. While I loved it last year and it even made me a bit emotional (by a bit I mean I cried like a baby), I feel like I have ignored my friends long enough during my isolation and it would be nice to spend the end of the witches year in good, loving company while enjoying the wide eyed innocence of a child. I love that little one! Well, I have to head to job 2 and 1 tomorrow. I shall leave you with some pictures I've taken over the last week that I love!

These are the partial full moon. I think maybe a day or two before the actual full moon. I'm just impressed my camera could manage to get this close. My usual moon pictures consist of a random white dot.

These are some pictures from the park I go to and picnic at with the kiddo I watch. Nice right? I love it there. Hope you had a great Sunday too. See you tomorrow!

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