Monday, October 11, 2010

Magickal Monday - Herbal Candles

So, last week on Magickal Monday I talked about writing letters to the dead. I kind of wanted to keep the theme going. So today I made herbal candles, Jessica Version. I'm gonna be honest. I had heard about herbal candles in a witch magazine, can't remember the one off the top of my head, but it had talked about a shop in NYC that sold them. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to go search out the shop while I was in NYC in April, but I made a promise I would find a way to make them myself. Well, after searching for ages, I have come up with absolutely NOTHING! I cannot find any tutorials or any kind of random information on them. Well last night, I got to thinking about the candles again. I thought it would be rather cool to have one of two for Samhain that had herbs for the sabbat and for spirit communication in it to help with the letters and with ritual. So I woke this morning and decided I was gonna make me some candles!! And I did. I did some research on what I wanted to use for the herbs and I set to work.
Look at my magickal cabinet, it's so well stocked and organized. I owe a good portion of it's ingredients to K.Michele who rocked my witchy socks in a Lammas swap. :D :D The rest is from my garden this year and s few odds and ends from the local magick shop. So I gathered my goodies, and went to work. I used Frankincense (protection and divination) and Myrrh (spirituality and the sacred) resin. I pounded those into a nice clumpy powder first. As I added an ingredient to the mortar I stated out loud it's purpose: Sage (protection), Patchouli(amplify the senses), Yarrow(divination, clairvoyance, and banishing negative energies), Calendula(prophetic dreams and workings), Cedar(workings with the dead, success, and workings with magick), Rosemary(remembrance), and Hops (divination). I stirred these together in my mortar and then added them to the melted wax on the stove (I had that melting while I was putting together the ingredients).

I added a few pinches of Dandelion (powerful protection and pure intentions) last to seal the "spell," I guess that's what you could call it. I stirred it all together in the wax and then put them into the candle molds. I happen to be fresh out of candle molds (or in other words I don't own any), so I took two cookie cutters and surrounded them TIGHTLY with aluminum foil and them filled those. I tied the wicks to a little skewer and let them sit. When they were cool I popped them out and BAM herbal spell candles! Cross your fingers that they work! Oh, and pay no mind to the broken one. It was supposed to be a heart and it took it breaking for me to finger out that I needed to slide a knife in between the wax and cookie cutter to pop it out. Oh well. I'll just remelt it and try it again.
I'm thinking the rather unattractive color is from using light yellow candles. I melted one and a half yellow tapers to yield two cookie cutter candles. I think white might have made it a bit more pretty, but I used yellow for spirit. In the sun though it looks a nice nature green almost. lol. Meh. Beggars can't be choosers right?

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