Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where the Hell have I been??!!!

I KNOW I KNOW!!! Where on Earth have I been?! It's been a crazy weekend. On Friday, my mom got screwed over by our bank, so that set me back a few bucks (by a few I mean like $100, gah!). And then my best friend, Panther (totally his real name, btw), came down from upstate for a whole 24 hours. We haven't seen each other in about 2 1/2 years!!! Crazy right? But we manage to talk and text really often. So we spent Friday night at Busch Gardens for Howl-o-scream it was crazy fun. Neither of us had been. They dress up the entire park with amazing decorations and starting at night fall they have people hiding all over the park who will jump out at you randomly to scare you as you walk around. that's not to mention the crazy amount of people they have already dressed in character as mummies, zombies, witches, and shadow people. The have haunted houses and mazes placed all over the park. It was really fun. in the end we played some carnival games and he scored me a giant penguin that came up to our waist and we even scored some corny best friend pictures from the photo both. Best day ever? Yes, you could say that. He left the next morning, but we managed to catch some brunch at Waffle House. I've never eaten there before but they have the best waffles ever! MMmmmm, waffles.
On Sunday, I reconnected with my local best friends, Jenn and Shelby, and we hung out and played with my god daughter/niece. It was well needed since I have been in isolation for about three months! Afterwards Shelby and I visited a local farm that puts on an AMAZING Halloween Festival every year. The have a Village of the Dead, Haunted Hayride, and Field of Screams (aka corn field of DOOM!!!). It's was well worth going. All in all I had a very haunted and Halloween filled weekend. Sorry for the lack of pictures. They don't really allow pictures in these things. But their websites have some up.

Monday and Tuesday have been crazy as well. I'll keep it short and say that an epic battle ensued between myself and the 2nd jobs work computer, setting back me being hired until today. The force was with me and I emerged VICTORIOUS!! Hello extra bill money! And now here I am. I realize I have missed Food Freaky Friday, Magickal Monday, and today is supposed to be Witch Hat Wednesday. So here is the deal (more so to get my big butt in gear that for you). Tonight I will come home and Do my Magickal Monday and Witch Hat Wednesday. Tomorrow I will work on some Foodage/Freakyness. And starting Friday things will start to get more on track. Hopefully. I'm so terrible with time lines. UGH!My goal is to keep the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday activities up even after Halloween is over. But we shall see about that. lol. Any who, See you later for Magick and Witch Hats!!

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  1. wow sounds like you have been busy. can't wait to see your hat on wednesday.