Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magickal Monday..... er....2 days late

So, on my list of things to say:

1) Sorry I missed Monday, I got sucked into the world of crafting in order to finish a swap package. I was literally crafting all day save the few hours I went to work.

2)Yes, I missed Tuesday too, but I'll make up for that today when you read about my AMAZING ADVENTURE in the next post

3) mmmmm, magick

Ok, so the last one doesn't count too much. I was originally going to be writing 3 days a week for Halloween/Samhain. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But that was before I took the challenge over at The Whimsical Cottage and decided to write something Halloweeny every day to get in the spirit. So I welcome you to Magical Monday.... mmmm, alliteration.... tasty. :P

I thought I would share something that I have read or have come to use in spells or ritual for Samhain on these days. Like most witches Samhain is a big time of year for me. It is also one of the saddest. For my best friend and I Halloween was the most Epic day of the year for us growing up. We dressed up every year, well into our high school years. We celebrated it as big as we celebrated every Friday the 13th. We even made a horror movie of our own one year (it was terrible lol). In my junior year of high school I lost my best friend and the holidays just have never been the same. After a few year of taking it all in, I made the decision to keep our love and tradition strong, even if it was just me. So every year for Samhain I still dress up, hand out candy, and last year I even decorated our yard (I was told we were the scariest house on the block thanks to the bloody hand prints!). And for ritual every year I light a candle for all of the people in my life that I have lost and have flown to the other side of the veil. During ritual I have a portion that is set aside just for honoring them. I usually have their photos set up on my altar and I light a candle for them and if available I put little tokens there for them as well. From there I usually do a little tarot or some other kind of spirit communication in hopes of hearing from them. After ritual I leave the candles burning and the when their gone I wake up the next morning and light another one for each of them. Sometimes I will write letters and leave them on the altar and then the next morning I will burn them in hopes that they find their way to them across the veil. So today I will talk about writing letters to the dead.

This is a simple spell that can be done anytime of the year. All you need is a bit of paper and a pen. It can be a special paper and pen or it can be something from your school bag. Just know the more preparation and thought you put into it every ingredient of every spell or ritual the more special it will be and the more energy you are putting into it. Personally, I usually use just plain paper that I sit on my altar the day of and I usually place it there and say something like,

"God and Goddess, These papers are soon to be vessels. They will carry my love and thoughts to spirits whom I miss greatly. Please help me bless these papers in hopes that they will serve their purpose."

Or something of that manor. I do a lot of improv at the altar. I focus some energy into them and then I usually leave the papers there until that night or until I am ready to put my love and thoughts into words. Whenever the moment strikes throughout the day and you feel ready, then just do it. Sometimes I get picky with my pens, depending on the person I'm writing to. For my best friend it's always pink, that was her favorite color. When you're finished writing you can always choose to anoint the papers and your words with a spirit oil or water used for communication with spirits or you can seal your letter with an herb for that purpose and leave it in there to be burnt with the letter when it is time ( I think this year I will add a flower in the one to my grandmother who just passed a few months ago, she would enjoy that). I usually just roll the paper up like parchment and tie it with a ribbon (Yep, I even get choosy with the color ribbon. Every little thing adds an extra touch of you and your connection to them) and I'll sit it in front of the picture of the person it is going to. You can also decide to leave the paper open in hopes of your loved one popping by during the day and reading it. I like to read mine out loud during the honoring before sealing it the final time.

In the morning, or the next day, I set aside time and I either take my cauldron to a place where it's well ventilated and set up a tiny altar there or if I'm the only one home I just leave it on the altar and unplug the smoke detectors ;) I take the first letter and hold it. I focus on the words written within it and I picture the person whom I am sending it to. If the feeling arises I may say something like,
"This letter acts as a vessel and it carries with it my heart,
Please help it to reach (person's name here) through our two worlds apart."

Or something of that nature. Once again I improv :) Then I hold it over the cauldron and light it. I watch it burn and stay focusing my energy on it until it is completely gone. Then I repeat until all the letters are sent. When it is cool enough I take my cauldron outside and let the ash join the Earth.

There are a lot of way to take this and personalize it to you and your loved ones, as well as many ways to go about it. Always do what feels right for you. Does anyone else write letters already? How do you go about it? Thanks for reading and I'll be back with Tuesday soon!

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