Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On the 12th day of Halloween.......

Yes, I know, It's the 13th. I was going to post some crafty goodness last night when it decided to fall apart on me. Frigin polyclay, I loathe you!

I got bored while waiting for NCIS to come on last night. Oh Timothy McGee you are not as nerdy hot when you're skinny. I preferred you with some meat on your bones. Please eat a few more sandwiches! But I digress. So I being lazy I decided to dabble with polyclay. I say lazy because I keep my box of clay beside my bed and not in the craft room since it has proven throughout the summer that the temperatures in the craft room reach hot enough to actually bake my clay! Can you believe that?! Ridiculous! So last night I made a few pumpkins. I was originally going to make them into earrings, but my jewelry stuff was in the craft room and I was lazy, so they are just pumpkins. Not too shabby if I say so for myself. I lack mad clay skills. Actually, on the range of mediums I work with I put clay in the extreme hate category. Mostly because I've never been properly taught to work with it. The most instruction I've gotten is from an art teacher in the 5th or 6h grade while making an ash tray. I kid you not. From there I just randomly dabble in it and pray for the best. I think I did pretty ok last night. The muses were with me. Nooooo, not with the pumpkins. I'm not bragging on my mad pumpkin skills. I'm talking about this dude. Ok, So he's not a looker per se. But what Headless Horseman is? I mean, he's missing his head!! This is him pre-face lift. Mad poly skills I has not, however, I don't think he's too bad for the 3rd figure I've ever made. The problem with him is that his legs fell off after baking. I made them separate, stuck a piece of metal in the base added that polyclay glue that hardens into clay once it's baked and then connected them. The arms are done the same way, and they stayed on just fine. The legs? Not so much. Look at the poor guy. Breaks my heart, it does. Until I can buy him some super glue I have named him the Legless Horseman. ;) The Legend of the Headless Horseman is one of my all time favorites from childhood. You may know it from the movie The Legend of Sleepy Hollow starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. Perhaps I love it so much for it's German roots, or perhaps I just thought it would be pretty damn cool to have a pumpkin for a head. Who knows. Either way, best Halloween story ever. And this is my ode to the Headless Horseman who is said to still haunt the little valley of Sleepy Hollow in New York to this day.


  1. Wow I love your little creations! The headless horseman was my favorite halloween tale when I was little. Actually my dad used to call me Ichabod when I was a kid (I was tall and skinny). Love your blog, check me out at

  2. Defintely the best story I know. And that's so terrible of your dad lol.