Sunday, October 10, 2010

Witch Fit (WF)

That's right, I'm having a Witch Fit. Also known to most people as a bitch fit. Basically a period of ranting and bitching sparked by something that has made the person upset and angry. And this is the Witch Fit version. Enjoy.

OMFGs!!!!!!! So on the 10th day of Halloween, I spent tonight watching Paranormal State. I hope you Ugh and *sigh* as much as I do when people say they watch this show. Some of the shows just go overboard and leave me questioning the integrity of the show. Also, the extreme Christian view is a bit much for me. The current show that is on just made me yell at the TV. I know you're saying, "Jess, don't you do that anyways?" Yes. Yes, I do. However, this one made me angry. So this couple is having trouble with a shadow person in their house. Like all other shows, the paranormal team has deemed it to be some sort of demon. But this one, wait for it.... are you ready?.... This shadow person was conjured up by the couple's brother who at the time was practicing witchcraft. The dude had a pentacle tattooed on his arm and this caused the main host, Ryan, to ask about it what it meant. The guy was like "this was from when I used to practice witch craft." He admitted to casting a circle in the home with the the couple because they expressed curiosity in spirits. The brother decided... out of all the damn spirits to conjure or try and contact he decides, Oh, Let me conjure a shadow demon...... *FACEPALM* WTF?! And this, this is why witches have gotten terrible reps. So he conjures this demon, it appears, it scares the couple and they run out of the house breaking the circle. The brother, who knows why, apparently just left things as they were and never returned the demon and never closed the circle. So many moons later (a couple of years) they are still being tormented by this demon.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to say much at this point. If you're reading this your probably already saying inside your head (or out loud at your computer screen like me) "DUDE, WTF?!" I'm not sure where to start. One, why is it that every portrayal of Wicca, Witchcraft, or Paganism on TV always brought on by people who dabble in things that they are obviously never fully informed about. I would think that it is pretty much Witchcraft 101 for you not to mess with demons and spirits unless you are emotionally and mentally prepared for it. It's not something to ever take lightly. And a demon,dude? Really? Why a demon? Why not a spirit guide, an ancestor, or something else that on the lower side of the spectrum. No, you want to be a bad ass, you want to call up a demonic spirit. And on top of that you want to leave the damn circle open! I think I want to write this man a strongly worded letter of disappointment and outrage. If you have the knowledge to open a circle and call a demon then you had to at least do some research on what you were doing. I'm sure he crossed a few warnings. it's not like you were 12 playing with a Ouija Board. He was a grown ass man. And grow assness means when deciding to practice a religion or even to practice sorcery or magick that you owe it to yourself and the people who's well being you are infringing upon to be fully aware of your actions and the effects that are even remotely worst case possible. GAH! Pourquoi?!

Ok, I'm done. I've released as much energy on this as I'm willing to. As a quick side note, I didn't craft any today. I spent the whole day out and about with mom getting my car right and picking up decorations for the yard.... OH! and I cut and dyed my hair! Big changes to close this year!! WOOT! Happy Sunday yall!


  1. I've seen that episode before! My lovely and I sat on the couch with our jaws hanging open the whole time. Admittedly I was on the verge of laughter at how ridiculous the brother was. Calling forth a demon is totally badass and oh-so metal... since I'm into heavy metal maybe I should go around doing the same? Completely ridiculous. Next time he dabbles, he should try calling on something nice and gentle, like a rabbit. Ugh.

    I'll admit, I watch the show quite a bit and I do enjoy quite a few of their episodes despite the overly Christian tones and their penchant for exorcising everything. It's not as bad as some of the other paranormal shows I've seen.

  2. hahaha Knowing the brother he would have to call forth a demon rabbit. I really want to drive up there and find him and give him a good whack on top of the head!
    I think it can be an overall educational show and often entertaining. I do hate how everthing is a demon and needs to be exorcised though. I'm not gonna lkie I love Ghost Hunters though. It's so terribl-great. I like a lot of the science behind it.