Friday, October 8, 2010

7th and 8th days of Halloween

So, I wouldn't say I've been busy per se, but I would say that I've been "cleaning out the broom closet." Well, kind of. I've cleaned and organized my "witches cupboard." Well, less than a cupboard and more of a hope chest that was my mothers as a child that she gave to me. It's served as many things throughout my childhood, and it has somehow turned into my my little hoard of altar supplies. It also serves as a the surface on which I construct my altar. So It probably looks a little cluttered to you but I assure you it's all organized and I was even able to make up a supplies list so that I know what I have. From there I am going to make a list of things I need. I know for certain I need to work up some sort of offering bowl. I also would like to etch a pentacle or something on the glass chalice I have (aka small wine glass) and also on the glass mortar and pestle I have. My goal is to have a small box for each sabbat that contains the main altar things like an altar cloths, colored candles, ornaments or pentacles for the season, incense, and maybe even little Goddess and God stuffies as well. Those are in the plans atleast. I defintely wouldn't have room in my current "cupboard for them though.

I have finally managed to get my altar ready for the season, well kind of. I changed the cloth (a few days ago actually, I decided to keep it, it seems proper), bought some new black and orange tapers, and placed a few things here and there. It's pretty minimal. I usually keep all the hard core tools like my athame, cauldron, and whatever else I use depending on the ritual inside the cupboard until I'm prepping for ritual. Mostly so that I don't have to worry about things being placed on the altar and messing with their energies (mom used to find it convenient to place clothes and other things on it until I asked and explained why I would prefer her to not). Oh the whoas of living at home with the rents. *sigh* Goddess and God send me a full time job so I can move the hell out of here!!! PLZ!?! Oh well, things will happen when I can make them happen and that's not anytime soon. I wouldn't mind finding a few other things to put on it. I think Maybe I'll make some stuffies this weekend. Maybe I'll put pumkins on them. I really need to learn how to embroider properly one of these days. For the moment I just wing it ;)

Yesterday I sewed another witch hat. It's missing the embelishments but I love the fabric.
I Heart thrift store bolt fabric! Thank you Chinese people who donate to the store by me! Most of it is pretty new and still has the price tags on it. I have a few more plaid type fabrics that you will be seing more of. Thrift store finds are the best. There is another store out by where I work that I got a bag of about 30 zippers (new adn used) for 99 cents! Best.Find.EVER!

I think tomorrow I will clean up my BOS and type up some of it to create a digital copy incase anything ever happens to one or the other I will have a back up. I've been thinking for a while about making a permanent BOS. I keep everything organized in binders. I have one binder for for spells and rituals, one for tarot readings, and another set aside just for general books notes and research. I think binders work for the latter two really well. But I think my BOS is losing some of it specialness in a plain binder. But I can't commit myself to buy a nice book and writing in it. I really need a nice book where I can remove the papers and reorganize them as it grows and as I see fit. I actually might have to craft one.... hmmmm. So many ideas. For the moment this one fits and works. Maybe I'll try decorating the out side to give a more special feel. Who knows. Well, I'm off for tonight. Sunday Mom and I are going up the Poe's house in Richmond. Rain or no rain!!! EXCITEMENT!!!!

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