Monday, September 27, 2010

Craftacular me!

I have been a very, very busy girl.... But before I plug my stuff I would like you all to check out Blue Fairie. She is having a give away on her blog, Dancing with a Spatula Wand , of this AMAZINGLY CUTE crochet toad as part of her Practical Magic entry. He's is so adorable, and it's no secret that I LUST after all things yarn, crochet, and knit. That seems to be the only craft stuff I completely fail at. And besides her always amazing recipes, she pwns the crochet hook. Go, look, visit, cook, and love the toad as I have!

So, I have been very busy making swap packages the past few months. It's become an addiction I must say. And in a later post I will highlight some of my favorite things I've made for others, but this post is all about ME! I never make myself anything and last week I got the urge to craft. So I made myself this:

Cute right? I found the fabric at a Joann's
and I couldn't resist it. It's a corduroy I think.
And the little Acorn closure is made of felt.
Inside! I left the post-its in so you could see the inside zipper pocket.
It's almost like a Mary Poppins purse.
It fits my a handful of pins, sun glasses, makeup,
keys, ipod, phone, post-its, lotion, and my giant
Nikon CoolPix Camera. But wait, is there something more???
A wallet!! It's a pattern in progress. But not
too shabby for mostly winging it. Under the change
part is a tiny slot for my check book and money.
It has 4 card slots, it was supposed to be 6 but you can
tell that didn't work out. I didn't measure properly so oh well.

The lot together.

I'm extremely happy with it. I love the fall, outdoorsy, child like humor of it. It's very, very me. YAY!! I hope to get on here later and post a few more things I have been working on. Have a crafty day!!

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  1. Okay, wow. You have so much more patience than I could ever have. I like the wallet!