Thursday, August 26, 2010

Face lift of the room kind

So, the room is partially finished. Just need a little tidy (aka the MOUNTAIN of clothes I need to sort and hang), and I have one wall left to put my stuff on. I rearranged my room on Saturday because my dad gave me his old tv, it's a massive 43 inch TV. I don't watch Tv hardly, but I plan on moving out of here soon and I would like to have a nice TV for my future living room to entertain ppl (and also to game on.... my old TV was crap for gaming! But I don't do that much anymore soooo yeah). Either way, it takes up a bit more room than my old small one so I had to buy a new TV stand. I love the local thrift stores!! I go a nice Sony Tv stand for about $20 and it's durable enough to hold my weight and the TV's weight (and let me tell you we are both some heavy things!). I took my old TV stand and turned it into a book/DVD shelf and then I realized I needed another book shelf for all my witchy/pagan books so I took my fabric shelf out of the craft room and transported it to my room. And I can say for the first time in a few years, my room is starting to feel like me again. College brought terrible stresses and made me feel like I was loosing myself. And for a while I did. So my room stayed the same pretty much. A dull blah reflection of what I was. Ok, that may be a little melodramatic. lol. I mean, the room is still pretty much the same, it's just moved around a little. But it feels new, and I even rearranged the stuff I have on my walls as well. So I'm just going to call it new! Anyways, I know it's cluttered looking but here is the new TV and bookshelves!! I'll have to add pics of the other walls and stuff later after it's all cleaned and finished. I've designated that wall as my entertainment wall hence the massive clutter of movie posters, signed cd's, travel puzzles, and post secret post cards. Oh and guess what else is in the photo!? A new printer!! Complements of Mon père (my dad!). The household one isn't working and the step dad hasn't bothered to fix it (probably b/c he doesn't need it so why bother, right? .... yeah :p ) And I was explaining to my dad how I was going out to get a printer on payday because I needed one to keep my files up to date and it comes in handy with swaps and patterns as well. We went to diner and he was like, "Well, let's go check it out." So Viola! New printer! And it even scans too! I'm so excited. It makes my life so much better. Now I just need to work on getting a new laptop that runs a bit faster. But it's ok, baby steps.

Massive ain't it?

My dad and I have always had a strange relationship. It's kind of complicated. He wasn't a terrible father growing up per se, but I think he could have done better. A lot of my contempt from men strands from him and a few others which shall remain nameless at the time. But anyways, he's done a lot of stupid shit... I mean really stupid shit. And up until recently I've disliked him.... a lot. But I think as I've gotten older and he's had time to reflect on things we've both come to an understanding about life and have gotten closer. It's nice and it means a lot to me. And a lot of that is probably because he's not attempting to be my coach on the sports arena any more and the fact that we don't live together. If those two factors were still in play I'm pretty sure one of us would have killed the other. No, that's not a metaphor, that's serious.

But, anywho, I haven't been able to get into my craft room yet. It needs to be cleaned and rearranged as well. And yesterday the urge to make something hit me kind of hard. So, I was googling around for fall crafts and witchyness and I came across a craft blog where these local ppl get together once a week or something and craft random things. And I found this post about beaded leaves. There was no tutorial on it, but from just looking at the pic I could figure out how it was done. Pretty much the same style as making things from pony beads when you were like 12. So here is my version of a maple leaf.

I plan on doing a few more or maple, oak, and regular leaf shapes and putting them together to make a Mabon head band or something. It's not half bad looking for no pattern or tutorial. It will look better when I get the red, green, and orange in there and make it look even more harvest like. I'm hoping that will ease my crafting needs for the week until I get the craft room sorted.
Oh, and the HP wands I was working on for my friend turned out ok. I didn't get a pic b/c they were a little substandard for me. But I have another batch of shortbread in the fridge waiting to be used so I think I'll work on those tomorrow and see how they come out. Shortbread was definitely the way to go with it. It held its shape way better. I still have until November to perfect them since that's when my friend's birthday is. I told her she would be having a Very Harry Potter Birthday, complete with skiving snack boxes, wands, and probably some pumpkin juice. I'm excited.Well, I think that's all my rambling for the moment. I have another Pagan-esque topic I want to talk about, but alas, my room awaits me for it's final face lift. Wish me luck that it doesn't eat me! lol

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  1. Pretty! I love the maple leaf! That's cool that you could make that just by looking at a photo.