Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Funday!!

I ♥ Sunday!! With all my atoms and molecules! It's my one day off from work a week and I use it to massive clean, bake, cook, or go see and catch up with friends. Having a job where you work 6 days a week regardless of the hours is still pretty meh. It's nice to have a day of no obligations except to me! Today I am going to go see one of my best friends Sherry and her motley crew ;) She had a new baby about 2 months or so ago and I haven't been out to see her at all. We live a good 45 minutes away and it's one heck of a drive out to the country. lol. I'm excited! She's been having a rough time with life for some time now, especially this week, so I vowed I would come over and we would play some amazing Lego Harry Potter on her x-box and I would supply rum and some amazing snackage. I decided to keep with the HP theme and I'm currently working on some cookie wands. I would do like everyone else and go the pretzel stick route but she isn't a fan of pretzels and chocolate. I just gave PB cookies a go but they flattened horribly. I'm looking for something that will keep a decent shape without going the Biscotti route (I hate biscotti). So my next try is a short bread which usually fairs pretty well. Keep you're fingers crossed. If it doesn't turn out we will be having strange shaped botched cookies.

My garden is still fairing pretty well. It's coming to the end of it's terms. The zucchini plant has finally flattened, the tomatoes are slowly dying, the cucumbers aren't as plentiful, and the cantaloupes are a little meh. I have an awesome pumpkin though! It's a little mini, but it's still great! And I have an eggplant still growing. I'll admit the fruits of the garden haven't been plentiful this year but it's my first year back at growing anything and I'm just happy that they all survived this long. I'm the most excited about my pumpkin!! Check it out!

^It was hiding in the butternut! I almost didn't even know I had it!

^Looks like I made a friend on my pumpkin as well! He's almost cute.... lol.... almost!

Here are some of my Dragonfly friends that come and dance with me in my garden. They have so much personality it's scary!

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  1. Hi JM, just wanted to say that I love the site. I especially love the photos of the camp name I can't even begin to try pronouncing. Stop by anytime, and let us know how the shortbread turns out. :)

    Have fun visiting the new babe! :)