Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Already?!

Crazy insane, or insane crazy? I like to think I bounce between both borders. Well, I'm rather disappointed because I spent Samhain morning in the ER thanks to a kidney stone. It finally got to the point where I decided to see a doctor. had I insurance I would have seen one A LOT faster, but, alas, I have none. So fingers crossed the the bill won't kill me. With that means I slept the rest of Samhain away in a terrible drug induced coma. I did manage to light a candle for my loved ones and to set out some pomegranate and home roasted pumpkin seeds along with some Sangria (from the bottle since I obviously wasn't in my right mind to make any). I was really sad not to be able to a ritual or to go the the local one, but I think if my ancestors and loved ones did stop by they would have understood why. So I've missed my 3 favorite holidays: Halloween, Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos. That deserves an angry lion...... ROAR! I'll have to call a Doctor today and go in for a check up at some point to see if the stone is moving. At the ER we found out it's partially blocking my little tube, which isn't good, so I have to so see a urologist or however you spell it. *sigh* Can i just trade my body in for a newer version? Where's Dr. Frankenstein when you need him?!

So to turn things upward, I'll probably craft today. I need to do another witch hat for Witch Hat Wednesday, and I also have to finish some things for my HP swap. And I have fabric I have to package off to Canada for Simply Crunchy for her rainbow quilt she's making. I've lacked money to ship it until now. So I'll be putting that in the mail by weeks end! WOO HOO! And this all brings us to November. In American we have Thanksgiving in November, which much to wishful thinking is actually only celebrate by the US lol. Everyone should have a Thanksgiving. I guess technically we Pagans do. Mabon seems to be our version of such. Which means that the next Sabbat is Yule. That's over a month away! My house celebrates Yule and Christmas since I am the only Pagan in the family. I'm lucky my mom even recognizes my religion. I love her so much for that. So every year we make an effort to do little things outside of the Christmas box that are more Yule like. Instead of an artificial tree we've been getting real mini pine trees and if they survive the winter we plant them in the yard. I've been doing cranberry garlands, little snacks, and a bunch of tiny things. Baby steps people, baby steps. Even after 5 years on the path I'm still trying to integrate myself into the sabbats. I think this year I will have mini celebration for Yule. Not sure what to do yet, but I'll be sure to keep you updates. But for the moment, it's November. And all that really means to me is that I have a TON of Christmas gifts to craft for the family, not to mention a few Birthdays to prepare for! Have I said how much hate/love November? Well I do. So very, very much. And with that being said. I'm off! I have much sewing and planning to do today to prepare for the next two months. I leave you with my amazing squirrels, that always show me much love when I go to visit them.

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