Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a day, What a day!

WHAT A PRODUCTIVE DAY!!!! I payed my bills (ok so a few are a little late, but that's neither here nor there), did some sketching out of ideas, watered my garden, cleaned my room and managed to change my bed set without the cat going insane and flipping out. I feel GREAT! It's definitely a change in the way I have been feeling as of late. Hopefully it will stay on track. I need to do a house cleansing but I have to wait until I'm home alone for that. So, hopefully, that will get done Friday and change the tide of the whole house as well. The animals are acting strange. The dog, cat, and guinea pig all are not eating. I mean, the pig is sick with a tumor so we understand that, but the dog and cat are both turning their noses up to everything except human food. There's no reason for it. It's not like they get a lot of human food, if any. Who knows. I hope tides begin to change.

On to another note, I have been growing a herb garden this year and it's going ok. I've lost my Marjoram, Dill, and the first Sage plant I had brought that was full of purple flowers already. But the new Sage plant is growing like crazy! And I love it! My Thyme is getting on ok, Basil needs to be re-potted, Mint could be doing better but it's not too shabby, Lavender confuses me since it hasn't bloomed, but I guess that's expected the first year. My rosemary is turning a little reddish/burgundy. I hope that's just because it's growing and getting older. Stevia is growing like crazy! I really need to figure out how to use it in my teas. My Lemon Balm is not doing well at all, I think it would be dead by now if it weren't so damn stubborn. It makes me sad because I absolutely love the smell of it. My Eucalyptus confuses me too. I think it should be getting bigger but so far it's not doing much of anything. My marigolds are growing very well, and I can't wait to harvest those! I've run out of glass jars to store the herbs in as I harvest, I need to take another trip to Big Lots and get some canning jars. I used my Eucalyptus and Mint leaves to make oils, but it's the first time I have tried making my own oils. I'm not sure it's working out quite so well. They haven't taken on any of the scent yet of the the herbs. It's been about 2 weeks now... *SIGH* I'll leave them in there for a few more and hope for the best. Maybe I should move them to my room instead of the craft room. It's the same temperature as outside in there. I'll probably do that tonight. I'll put my little herbal cabinet/apothecary on my weekend to do list. So far it's not too lengthy.

Weekend To Do:
  1. Organize Herb Cabinet
  2. Research Oils
  3. Fix Water Hose
  4. Look into Planting My Herbs Permanently in the Ground
  5. Finish Two Projects: one for each swap I am currently in
  6. Think About a Lugh/Lammas Altar (sketch it out)
  7. Find a New Place for My Healing Cards (the place there hanging isn't working out)
  8. Update My Swap Book
  9. ID and Classify All My Stones
  10. Alter/Fix My God Stuffie Pattern
  11. FIND MY MISPLACED TAROT CARDS!!! (should be moved to the top but oh well)

The first sage plant. I LOVE the picture. It makes me sad it died so soon.

Thyme from the garden. It's since been re-potted. I need to upload newer pics.

Marigolds and Blue Boy's I believe. I can't remember.

Darn thing laid eggs on my corn stalk. But I haven't the heart to kill them or place them somewhere else. *sigh*