Saturday, April 14, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.....

And makes the mind go crazy......

I haven't posted in a little over a year now. And it's been pretty insane. I went from working two jobs to working 3 jobs in August. I finally managed to let go of two of them at the end of December ( a new years resolution to myself). I worked one full time job up until mid March and then decided I rreealllyyy hated that job. And by "reealllyyy hated" I mean it was pretty unbearable, stress wise. And I'm a girl who can pull an Atlas and hold the world on her shoulders, that has to say a little something. So I quit that place when I shared a phone call with my old HR director at my old job and found out that they still had no one to fill my position. I gave some consideration to my circumstances and I went promptly back to work there. I had managed to save up enough money that I could pay all my bills and lack a steady income for a few months anyhow. And I'm now in the process of applying to a few other government jobs to try and secure one of those. I really just need to pack up and move and apply for a park ranger position and live out the rest of my days as a hippy in the forest. I'd even go so far as to build be a tree house ;)

But enough dreaming for now. I've got this complex where I know where I want to be, I just can't seem to get there. Well, not completely. One good thing did happen. While working one of my many jobs I met a nice young fellow who I just so happened to procure as my current boyfriend. Yay! And as of January we moved in together and now reside in a nice little townhouse. We share with one of his best friends as a roomie. Life is pretty good for the moment.

I do hate though that I have spent so much time trying to become a "functioning member of society" that I have ignored a lot of myself. I've let my spirituality suffer a lot. I haven't been able to practice the way I used to or the way I want to. And I've decided that has to change. It's too important for me to just push it aside while I play a piece in this game of capitalism. Anyhow, I'm alive, life has changed (drastically), and I'm searching for my roots (once again). With all that complication I shall now leave you with a random picture of my roommates kitty who is unofficially and for all purposes now my kitty.

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